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NCORD Healthcare LLC, USA, is pioneer in healthcare technology products enabling connectivity of separate domains within life sciences.

eHealthCard is a product offshoot of NCORD which slices & dices the huge database of medical information &makes sure it is useful to all the stake holders (with the help of its patented technology). The platform allows storing, preserving & downloading of medical records anywhere, anytime, electronically. Accessible to patients & healthcare service providers during normal &/or emergency conditions, enabling quicker & accurate diagnosis, resulting in better medical care. eHealthCard is a cloud based innovative technology developed by us in compliance with the latest American & International HITECH, HIPAA acts & HL7 guidelines, guaranteeing security.

eHealthCard connects everyone to a ‘LIVEWIRE’ of global healthcare services.


Be the world's leading providers of healthcare information & connectivity. Using our portfolio of products, we seek to develop the most innovative, secure, reliable & easy access to medical histories & lab records, bridging the gap to cure the globe, globally.


Our vision is to create a 'LIVEWIRE' that connects patients, families, hospitals, research institutes, alternate therapies & holistic approach for comprehensive healing. We intend to build a healthy & happy tomorrow - Caring for Earth’s most precious resource.

eHealthCard Team

Neelesh Kanade
Mr. Neelesh Kanade
mukund chorghade
Dr. Mukund Chorghade
Nilesh Kandalgaonkar
Mr. Nilesh Kandalgaonkar
Joseph Antoun
Dr. Joseph Antoun
Rubar S. Sandi
Dr. Rubar S. Sandi
Khalil Parkar
Mr. Khalil Parkar
Stephen Goveia
Mr. Stephen Goveia
Raja Kamal
Dr. Raja Kamal
Franceso Ciccone
Mr. Franceso Ciccone
Brian Kennedy
Dr. Brian Kennedy
Peter Ciccone
Mr. Peter Ciccone
Mark Jaffe
Mr. Mark Jaffe